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Nido program assists children on their journey toward independent movement, as well as language development. A safe and nurturing environment has been created which gives the child an opportunity to develop their freedom of movement.


Young Children’s Community


Our YCC program enables toddlers to experience caring for self and becoming independent. Children at this age are little explorers seeking to experience for them what they see the adults in their lives do. This is the foundation for the child to interact with the world, feeling important and needed by others (initiation of self-confidence).


Children’s House


Children’s House is a progressive learning experience that sets the foundation for the Montessori child adaptability, problem-solving and self-motivated aptitudes. The scope of materials available at this level span up to third grade level.



Up to 12yrs

At AGMS, the Aftercare program accommodates families who need extended care for their child.

During this time children get to do most of their socialization with free playtime opportunities in a safe environment. Friendships and playmates are formed and integration among classrooms gives them broader opportunities to socialize.

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