At Avant Garde Montessori, we feel that school uniforms positively impact our students and their parents by breaking down barriers in learning and social interaction and creating a unified school experience.

School uniforms encourage students to learn the importance of dressing for success and are thought to contribute in a positive way to their attitude and behavior in school.

As they develop an association between their uniform and learning, simply putting on their uniform helps a child get into the right mindset, preparing them for a day of working hard and focusing.

  1. Streamlined Morning Preparations

As any parent knows, weekday mornings can be chaotic. It can be tricky enough to get yourself ready for work without having to worry about how your child is getting on too. That problem is amplified if your child doesn’t have a school uniform to put on each morning, as they take their time to decide what to wear. In the end, it could take away from what is important – your child’s studies.

Uniforms remove one more thing from the ‘to-do’ list of mums and dads every day.

  1. Reduce Distractions

Uniforms make for one less distraction during school. By wearing what they like, children can become more focused on their school status rather than their studies.

  1. Increase Safety

There are significant safety concerns to not adopting a uniform in school. With their school colors on, children can immediately be recognized at a distance as a member of that school. In a situation where someone who isn’t a member of the school is on-site, they can be easily identified as not part of the school by their lack of uniform.

This can be extended to days outside of school grounds. On day trips away, children can easily be spotted among crowds thanks to their uniform. This can be especially helpful when making school trips at the same time as other schools, where large crowds of children mix with one another.

  1. Group Identity

Seeing their peers wearing the same uniform as them also encourages children to develop a stronger concept of group identity.

As such, school uniforms allow students to feel part of something bigger than themselves. This, in turn, helps children recognize the value of working together towards a common goal rather than focusing on their individual objectives.

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