Lunch Program

Register for Lunch

Please follow this link to register for our lunch program:  A Registration Key is required during the registration process. If you do not have your Registration Key, please contact us. 

Breakfast and Snacks

Snacks are offered daily while children are in attendance. Breakfast & Evening Snacks are offered to Extended Day and Before & After School Programs only.

Lunch Program

  • Catered Lunch (Monthly Basis) - AGMS offers catered lunches Monday through Friday for parents who would like a hot meal (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) for their child. Parents may sign up for the catered lunches with Road Runner Foods. Lunches may be ordered through the school, which shall be payable by check or directly ordered via parent’s account at Road Runner Foods.

Lunch Program is a convenient way to provide hot meals which include regular, vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free, and can be available to conform to dietary preferences for your little one through an easy-to-use ordering process, giving you control over your child’s nutrition.

  • Lunch from Home - Children are welcome to bring their lunch from home in a lunch box.
  • Combination - Parents have the option of using the catering service occasionally as well as sending lunches from home on the other days. Parents will still have to fill out the monthly signup sheet.

We are a nut free facility!

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