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Nuturing the Curious Spirit

At Avant Garde Montessori School, we are committed to using authentic Montessori practices to inspire joyful learning, growth, and development. We empower our students with the freedom to make their own choices, adopt a higher level of social consciousness, and reach their fullest human potential. We invite you to learn more about Avant Garde Montessori School and discover an education as unique as your child.

Welcome to AGMS

Our goal is to have the most beautiful, nurturing, stimulating environment in Pomona, Manvel and surrounding neighborhoods, for young children, staffed with intelligent, articulate, and passionate professionals who communicate the love of their work to the children. The Montessori philosophy of respect for the child as an individual must be lived and exemplified by deed, word and thought. The success of any Montessori program depends upon the consistent application of that philosophy. Our children have the benefit of that loving consistency from the time they enter school, many of them at 6 weeks, until the time they leave at 6 years. The feeling of family, with a nurturing, supportive partnership between home and school, further enhances the child's love of school, teachers, and friends. Children need to live in a world where self-esteem is protected and encouraged, where the adventures of life are approached with joy and readiness, where learning is always natural, developmentally appropriate and FUN!

Why Montessori?


Children are valued as unique individuals, learning and advancing at their own pace, guided by teachers.  


Beginning at early ages, Montessori nurtures independence through self-regulation, through routines and intentional classroom settings.


Multi-age Montessori classrooms foster a family-like community where older students nurture and mentor younger students. Teachers model kindness and respect in a loving environment.


Working within parameters and classroom routines, students are able to choose what they work on and become active participants and advocates for their own education.

Social Emotional

Montessori's 100-year-old method supports and encourages social-emotional development through support of independence, self-regulation, kindness, and respect.




Nido program assists children on their journey toward independent movement, as well as language development. A safe and nurturing environment has been created which gives the child an opportunity to develop their freedom of movement.


Young Children’s Community


Our YCC program enables toddlers to experience caring for self and becoming independent. Children at this age are little explorers seeking to experience for them what they see the adults in their lives do. This is the foundation for the child to interact with the world, feeling important and needed by others (initiation of self-confidence).


Children’s House


Children’s House is a progressive learning experience that sets the foundation for the Montessori child adaptability, problem-solving and self-motivated aptitudes. The scope of materials available at this level span up to third grade level



Up to 12yrs

At AGMS, the Aftercare program accommodates families who need extended care for their child.

During this time children get to do most of their socialization with free playtime opportunities in a safe environment. Friendships and playmates are formed and integration among classrooms gives them broader opportunities to socialize.

“Education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment.”

– Maria Montessori               

News & Updates

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